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Upgrading of Pujut and Puchong Interchange, Miri, Sarawak

The Upgrading of Interchange between Miri and Lutong is a project approved for implementation under the 9MP. The project consist of two main sections namely Section 1-Pujut Interchange and Section 2-Puchong Interchange

The upgrading adopted a design concept for the superstructure that is slim and open to provide pleasing aesthetics and minimum visual obstruction for motorists. The roads and bridges are constructed to JKR U5 standard with a design speed of 80km/hr and the bridges have a vertical clearance of 5.4m.

The Upgrading of the Pujut Interchange involves the construction of 2 flyover bridges one for the Miri - Lutong direction and the other the Lutong - Miri direction with lengths of 498m and 508m respectively. Each bridge carries two 3.5m traffic lanes with marginal strips on both sides of the carriageway.

Project on going

Session 1: Upgrading of Pujut Interchange (Pujut Flyover)

Client Government of Malaysia (Ministry of Public Work)
Contract Value RM 45,000,000.00
Date of Award 22nd January 2007
Date of Completion 21st July 2008
Project description The existing Pujut Gyratory is a 5-leg intersection with the predominant traffic flowing in the direction of Miri - Lutong and vice versa. Serious traffic congestion is experienced during peak hours causing long traffic delays at all approaching legs and for this reason the Government of Malaysia has appointed to construct the Flyovers.

The complete Upgrading of the Pujut Interchange would involve the scope of work stated above and a 2-lane Flyover for the Lutong-Miri direction (Bridge B).

Project scope of works involves the following:
  • 2 lane flyover for the Miri - Lutong direction (Bridge A)
  • Additional 2 lane at-grade Slip Road from Jalan Pujut - Puchong into Jalan Miri-By-Pass (Bridge B).
  • Improvement to existing at-grade roundabout
  • Roadside drainage, road furniture and street lightings
  • Coordination on the relocation of utility services

Session 2: Upgrading of Puchong Interchange (Setia Raja Manai Flyover - Previously known as Puchong Flyover)

Client Government of Malaysia (Ministry of Public Work)
Contract Value RM 42,312,000.00
Date of Award 17th December 2007
Date of Completion 16th December 2008
Project description The upgrading of this Interchange delivers to the motorist a smooth driving experience through the City of Miri. It is one of a series of several intersections on the way to the Northern end of Miri Division and would similarly provide good long distance journeys when the other junctions are upgraded.

This Interchange requires only one flyover for the Airport-to-Pujut direction to relief the traffic congestion. The bridge is 300m long with two 3.5m traffic lanes and generous marginal strips. The cast in situ voided deck at 1.7m thick is very thin yet structurally strong and offers continuous curve spans for smooth riding comfort. Being of similar design to the Pujut Interchange nearby, it offers uniformity, economy and speed of implementation.

Project scope of works involves the following:
  • 2-lane Flyover Bridge for the Airport to Pujut direction
  • Approach embankments including retaining structures
  • Site clearing and earthworks
  • Slip Road and other pavement works
  • Drainage works
  • Street lighting works
  • Water supply works
  • Coordination for the relocation of existing utility services affected